Philip Tufnell Reveals Tuff Cat Collection at The Brunswick Gallery

The Brunswick Shopping Centre is thrilled to announce that legendary international English cricketer / television personality, Philip Tufnell, is showcasing his astonishing, abstract art at The Brunswick Gallery now.


A limited number of signed prints by Philip are also available to purchase at The Brunswick Gallery, with prices starting from only £100.




Phil Tufnell said, “I love art. In fact, it’s a close call between art and cricket! Is art related to cricket? Who knows? I had team-mates who brought sketch pads with them on tour, and you’ve got to have a good eye to be an international bowler, so perhaps there’s something in it. I love to work in abstract art and with different techniques. My studio is full of spray-paint cans, because I really like the effects I can create. I’ve had some exhibitions already, and sold some of my paintings for charity. This latest collection is really exciting for me because it’s so personal.”



John Themis, Director of The Brunswick Gallery said, “Phil’s art is absolutely incredible. He is an extremely successful and skilled man and we are thrilled his art is now available for purchase in our gallery. I urge everyone to come down and see his pieces – Tuff Cat is going to be quite an iconic character and I am really excited to see his future creations too! We are also very lucky to have on show in the gallery a sculpture by Steven Kettle of Philip’s iconic hand holding a cricket ball – also available for purchase.”



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