Meet acclaimed artists ‘Gillie and Marc’!

Friday 6th December


We’re celebrating the arrival of the award winning sculpture ‘Together Forever On Wheels’ at the Brunswick with the chance for you to meet the artists themselves!


Together Forever On Wheels has found a new home in the centre of The Brunswick, where it will stay for the next eight months.


The sculpture incorporates Gillie and Marc’s most popular sculpture themes, Rabbitwoman and Dogman, Vespas, and coffee. Rabbitwoman and Dogman tell the autobiographical tale of two opposites coming together to become soul mates. The Rabbit and the Dog, unlikely animal-kingdom companions, represent diversity and acceptance through love. Diversity and love come in handy in this amazing melting pot called London. The two unlikely opposites come together in this beautiful depiction, just as London’s unlikely diverse cultures should aspire to come together and do come together, especially at The Brunswick.


In ‘Together Forever on Wheels’ Rabbitwoman takes the lead on the bike while Dogman gets cosy in the sidecar next to her, trusting her to take him somewhere incredible. With a seat on the back of the bike, this sculpture is interactive, allowing the public to jump on for photo opportunities and be part of Rabbitwoman and Dogman’s next adventure.